Stephen: Red Wings player stars in “hockey butt” pants commercial

Being an NHL player often means a lack of teeth–and a lot of butt. Now Detroit Red Wings player Dylan Larkin wants to help other men who suffer from too much junk in their trunk by shilling for a new kind of stretchy dress pant. “My name is Dylan Larkin and I have a hockey butt,” the 23-year-old confesses in a new Instagram video from Michigan-based clothing company State and Liberty. “We have relatively small waists and big quads, big thighs and big butt…I can’t really find an off-the-rack pant to fit me.” As Larkin continues to rhapsodize about State and Liberty’s fit, the ad shows a series of slow-motion videos of a man (presumably Larkin) bending over in his comfy dress pants. As one fan commented, “This is the kind of targeting marketing i want to see from the NHL.”



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