Stephen: Quebec man finds lost skate hanging on sign post 7 years later

A man in the Quebec town of Chelsea has been reunited with an ice skate he lost years ago thanks to an amazing turn of events. Jeff Meldrum was cleaning out his basement last month when he came across his single Reebok ice skate and decided it was time to give up finding its mate, which he’d left behind at an ice rink seven years ago. Later that day, Meldrum was driving with his 11-year-old son when he saw a familiar-looking skate hanging from a signpost at the end of a driveway.
“I said, ‘Hey we should turn around — maybe that’s my skate,'” Meldrum recalls. And lo and behold, it was his long-lost skate. A woman named Elyse Piquette had found Meldrum’s skate on the side of a road seven years earlier and had even ran a classified ad in a local paper to try to locate its owner. Coincidentally, she’d come across it again after cleaning out her garage–much like Meldrum–and decided to put it at the end of her driveway to see if anyone wanted to take it.
Says Meldrum, “This is pretty lucky how this turned out. I have hope, and when I believe that something will come around, it often does.” He also says he plans to bring Piquette a cake to thank her for helping him reunite with his long-lost skate.



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