Stephen: Petition seeks to name new MUN science building after Dr. Fitzgerald


A petition on started by a Forteau resident to name a new MUN building after Dr. Janice Fitzgerald is gaining traction online. Amie Jones started the petition last week in order to recognize the Chief Medical Officer and her work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “Dr. Fitzgerald is a symbol of hope, resilience, and professionalism – all things that the Faculty of Science and Memorial University of Newfoundland also stand for,” writes Amie. So far, over 23,000 people have signed the petition and some have left powerful testimonials in favour of the idea. Amie started the petition after seeing a post with a similar sentiment from @JohnJeddore on Twitter.

“Dr Fitzgerald is a model for physician-scientist, physician-communicator, physician-advocate and physician-educator. She has worked diligently for the people of NL throughout her career and led us carefully through these Covid-troubled waters. She has been an inspiration and hope to so many. Honouring her in this way is fitting and right.” – Dr. Roxanne Cooper, St. John’s, NL

“Dr. Fitzgerald has worked tirelessly day in and day out for nearly an entire year guiding us through this pandemic. She has been our superhero and she deserves nothing less than this size of an honour. She is truly one of the best.” – Rileigh Lewis, St. John’s, NL

“Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) was among the first universities that welcomed my early career in R&D. Naming a facility there after Dr. Janice Fitzgerald would signal to the world that NL continues to embrace a rich tradition of good science and sound policies. Thank you, Dr. Fitzgerald. Love you, dear Newfoundlanders.” – Tahbit Chowdhury, Montreal, QC

Memorial University is set to unveil the completed building this coming September. It will be 480,000 square feet, equipped with a state of the art cryogenics lab, and will feature a blue whale skeleton in its atrium.




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