Stephen: Pennsylvania man chokes cashier for “incorrectly” bagging chips

On the night before Super Bowl Sunday (February 2), Bradley Bower and his wife were shopping at a Giant Food Store near New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, when cashier Neil Lerch began bagging their groceries. According to The Smoking Gun, Bower asked Lerch to “not throw his groceries around” after he observed the cashier “smashing the chips” with canned goods. After paying for his groceries, Bower asked Lerch if he had a problem with him, called him an “idiot” and proceeded to push him against a cash register and choke him. When police arrived, they found Lerch with a “dark red area” on his neck, while the 250-pound Bower told the cops that “this issue with the chips just sent him over the edge.” Bower is scheduled for arraignment this Wednesday on a simple assault charge.



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