Stephen: Patrick Stewart invites Whoopi Goldberg to join new Star Trek series


Onetime Star Trek: TNG co-stars Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg had an emotional reunion on Wednesday’s The View when he asked her to reprise her role as Guinan in the newest series from the sci-fi franchise. “I’m here with a formal invitation. It’s for you, Whoopi,” Stewart said while promoting his new Star Trek: Picard on the talk show. “[We] want to invite you into the second season.” The crowd gave his request a standing ovation, while Stewart walked over to Whoopi for a hug. “Please say yes!” he told her. Whoopi replied, “Yes, yes. Oh, yeah.” As the applause continued, co-host Joy Behar could be heard telling Stewart about Whoopi’s dreadlocks, “She has to get rid of that hair of her head though, right?” Said Stewart, “She can do whatever the hell she wants.” Whoopi later called her work on The Next Generation “one of the great experiences” of her career.




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