Stephen: “Optimus Prime” up for sale for $22k



If you’ve ever wanted your own Optimus Prime, this guy has a deal for you. The 18-wheeler used to “portray” Optimus Prime in final scene from the film¬†Transformers: Bumblebee¬†could be yours for only $21.600. This Optimus Prime sounds like it could use some help, though, as its Facebook seller writes that the 1987 cab-over-engine Freightliner “has been sitting for almost a year now”, adding “Obviously with the cold weather it would take some doing to get it fired up, but it is definitely possible.” Okay, so it can’t transform, shoot lasers or protect you from the Decepticons, but this seller, out of Nebraska, wants the rig off his lot so badly he’s willing to entertain any offers.





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