Stephen: Ontario town invaded by drunk raccoons

Drunk as a skunk? Not quite! Residents of Stittsville, Ontario, are dealing with ripped raccoons that are apparently getting sauced on fermented fruit. “It’s possible that some of the fruit is fermenting under the heat, and that these guys are getting a bit tipsy [by eating it],” says biology professor Michael Runtz. Narcity reports locals have frequently reported seeing raccoons trying to sleep off their stupors in their yards in broad daylight–something unusual for the normally nocturnal animals.

Resident Emily Rodgers found one of the creatures sleeping it off in her backyard, noting, “He couldn’t really move. He was dragging his legs, he was wobbling, having a hard time standing up. You could tell something was wrong with him for sure.” Another resident named Julie Fong tells the outlet, “There was a drunk raccoon under our deck.” Fong’s husband also witnessed one of the overly indulgent creatures and noticed that “it was sort of stumbling along, just looking completely off.”



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