Stephen: NZ woman survives 2 days at sea by eating boiled candy

A missing New Zealand woman was found alive off the Greek coast Sunday after spending two days adrift in the sea in a dinghy, The Sun reports. Kushila Stein had been helping a friend deliver a yacht from Turkey to Athens, and while the boat was moored in the Aegean Sea, she decided to take the dinghy out to explore the nearby island of Folegandros. Unfortunately, the 47-year-old lost one of the boat’s oars and was blown off-course by strong winds. Stein, who was trained in sea survival, said she wrapped her hands in plastic bags to stay warm at night, and also used a mirror to reflect sunlight at planes that flew overhead. While she didn’t have fresh water, she did have “boiled lollies” in her backpack, which she rationed for sustenance. She also wrote her mother’s name and phone number the side of the boat in case she wasn’t found alive. The Hellenic Coast Guard finally spotted Stein Sunday, and she is reportedly in good health. In all, Stein spent approximately 37 hours lost at sea.



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