Stephen: NYC neighbourhood plagued by squirrell attacks


Residents in Queens, New York, are facing a serious squirrel problem. According to local news, multiple attacks have been reported in Rego Park since Thanksgiving. “They have been randomly attacking people — attacking is anywhere from jumping onto them to scratching and biting aggressively,” resident Vinati Singh explained. “We don’t know why it’s happening.”Other Rego Park residents have been attacked so severely, they have been left bloodied by the aggravated rodents, according to recent photos and videos shared by social media users. It’s unclear if all the incidents were committed by the same single terror, or if a pack of squirrels is at work, but either way, residents now live in fear of being attacked. The NYC Health Department received a complaint about an aggressive squirrel in Rego Park and advised the property owner to hire a New York State licensed trapper. As if COVID-19 wasn’t enough.




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