Stephen: Newfoundlander cracks safe in Alberta museum, which was locked for 40 years

One man’s recent visit to a Canadian museum turned out to be very lucky. The Washington Post reports a tourist named Stephen Mills managed to crack the code on a safe at Alberta’s Vermilion Heritage Museum that had been locked for 40 years. And he did it on his first try. The 2,000-pound black metal safe previously resided in the Brunswick Hotel, until the hotel closed in the ’70s. Despite contacting the hotel’s owners, a locksmith and the safe manufacturer over the years, the museum couldn’t get the safe opened. During a visit with his family, Mills decided to give it a go. Out of nowhere, he picked the combination 20-40-60–and it worked on the first try. “I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor,” Mills said. He added, “I was like, ‘I’m buying a lottery ticket tonight.'” The contents of the safe, however, weren’t too exciting: “Some papers, old checks, a waitress’ notepad, and a receipt from the hotel, that’s it.”




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