Stephen: NC woman can keep FART license plate, but can’t put it on vehicle

Published on March 15th, 2022 @ 5:34 PM


The North Carolina woman who had been fighting to be allowed to keep her “FART” license plate said the Division of Motor Vehicles says she can keep the plate—just not on her vehicle. Karly Sindy of Asheville said she originally applied for the “FART” vanity plate as a joke, and was surprised when it arrived in the mail. But, she later got a letter from the DMV saying the plate had been issued in error, and is actually banned by the state. The DMV gave Sindy the opportunity to appeal the decision, so she formed the Friends of Asheville Recreational Tails (FART), to help her argument. The DMV ultimately decided she could keep the plate, but it wouldn’t be a legal license plate for her truck anymore. Sindy says she plans to keep hosting FART events, even though the saga of her license plate has ended.




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