Stephen: Muchmusic set to return… kind of

Published on June 10th, 2021 @ 3:19 PM


If you’re a Canadian between 20 and 40, chances are you have tons of fond memories of Muchmusic, Canada’s answer to MTV and the spawning grounds for many people’s musical tastes. In 2011, the beloved music channel began to resemble its American counterpart, in that it played much less music and much more conventional television shows. Ed the Sock tried a couple of times to recapture the magic of the original Much but nothing concrete materialized. Now, owner BellMedia has announced that Muchmusic is returning as a “content-driven digital … network” that will post content on social networks like TikTok. Viewers can expect some of their favourite shows to return including Spotlight and Intimate & Interactive, as well as on-air personalities aka VJ’s. No word on whether Rick the Temp or Master T would be making their returns.




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