Stephen: Mom goes viral after appearing in latest Taylor Swift vid

Meet Junko Cheng, a 57-year-old singer and mom who’s become an internet sensation after her daughter Meg tweeted about her brief appearance in Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” music video. “This is my mom. She’s 57 and felt like pursuing acting recently… mostly for s**ts and giggles, but here she is. So beautiful,” Meg wrote alongside screenshots of her mother. Cheng re-tweeted the message and adorably added, “I actually made my teenage daughter proud. #winning.”
Both of their tweets have since accrued tens of thousands of likes. In the “Delicate” video, Cheng plays a woman who applies lipstick in a bathroom mirror and smiles at her own reflection, unaware that Taylor–who has become invisible–is staring back at her. “I don’t know how much longer I have here on earth, but I want to do the best with whatever time I have left,” Cheng tells Entertainment Weekly of why she decided to start taking acting lessons and going to auditions at this stage of her life. She also describes Taylor as a “sweet person” in real life who was “humble and kind” to everybody around her.



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