Stephen: Mike Pence gets up close with fly during vice presidential debate


The US Vice Presidential debate was held last night, pitting Democratic challenger Kamala Harris against incumbent Republican Mike Pence. There were many takeaways from the debates on social media, but a fly stole the show. The insect landed on Pence’s head and remained there for several minutes. People were quick to get in on the fun, with author Stephen King tweeting “THE LORD OF THE FLIES, starring Mike Pence! Coming soon to a streaming platform near you” and Schitt’s Creek creator and star Dan Levy writing “Give that fly a SAG Award.

Stephen Colbert also had some fun with it on the Late Show, when he said “oh, there is one moment that stuck with me … everyone’s buzzing about it,” before lampooning President Donald Trump’s recent bout with COVID-19. “All jokes aside, thoughts and prayers to that fly’s family,” Colbert joked. “It’s got to quarantine for two weeks now. We’ve got to get that fly to Walter Reed.” For her part, Senator Harris did not reference the fly during the broadcast.




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