Stephen: Man reunited with beloved Mustang by kids, Ford steps up to pimp his ride

Michigan resident Wesley Ryan sold his Mustang “Christine” 17 years ago to help pay for his wife’s medical bills after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. TODAY reports that Ryan’s kids surprised him last year by reuniting him with his beloved car. Ryan’s son Kyle had tracked the muscle car to an owner in Texas, and pooled money with family and friends to re-acquire it for his dad. “Coming home surprising my pops was a feeling and moment I’ll never forget,” Jake wrote on Facebook. “To see his face and emotion made it all worth it.” Last week Ford took it once step further, by giving Christine a makeover: a new engine, transmission and coat of paint. “It’s still her, but she’s got a new heart,” Ryan confirms. “I don’t know, I’m at a loss for words. It’s beautiful.”




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