Stephen: Man finds frog in lettuce pack, keeps it as pet

Published on January 7th, 2022 @ 5:34 PM


You never know what you might find in your fresh vegetables. A man living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently posted to Twitter about how he found a live, tiny tree frog inside a boxed supermarket salad he purchased from Whole Foods. He found the amphibian on December 20th, but his story just went viral. In the Twitter thread, Simon Curtis notes the frog had been living inside the lettuce in his fridge for several days, and asked his followers, “—does anyone know what I should do so that he doesn’t die?” He subsequently created a habitat for the frog, dubbed Tony, and collected worms for it to eat.

On December 22nd he asked his followers to vote on whether he should release the animal into the wild during a string of warm days or keep it as a pet. Nearly 60 percent voted for Curtis to keep the frog as a pet, and the viral tweets even caught the attention of Petco, who offered Curtis a $500 gift card to help fund supplies for Tony. On New Year’s Eve, Curtis shared a video of Tony in his plush new habitat.




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