Stephen: Library employee charged with stealing $1.3 Million worth of printer ink


City auditors in Austin, Texas have uncovered a massive fraud ring at the City Library. A tip was received in March 2019 that employee Randall Whited fradulently bought $1.5 Million worth of printer toner through his job at the library, stored most of it in his garage, and sold it online. The thefts occurred over the course of 8 years. In their investigation, auditors found that only $150,000 was needed over that time span. The investigation also found that Whited bought $18,000 worth of goods for himself, including video games, drones, and more, using ten different library credit cards.

The report said auditors reviewed receipts, purchase orders and other supporting documents, and found “found multiple examples of inadequate records” including some that were altered or showed his home as the shipping address. A representative of the city said¬†“the Library’s poor practices and procedures provided an opportunity for Whited to steal from the City during his tenure, leading to waste and overspending by the department.” According to court documents, the former employee has a court date for October 13th on charges of theft.




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