Stephen: Leo DiCaprio is pretty much Tony Stark

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly rescued a man in the Caribbean last month who’d been lost at sea for 11 hours. UK’s The Sun reported Thursday that DiCaprio was with friends on a luxury boat off the coast of St. Barts on December 30 when they received a mayday call about a 24-year-old Club Med Cruise crew member who’d gone overboard somewhere near St. Martin after getting drunk. A few hours later, DiCaprio and his crew located the man near the island of Saba. He was described as being “severely dehydrated” and reportedly said, “I should have died.” So not only did the 45-year-old DiCaprio pretty much save this guy’s life, but he also has a pretty great idea for Titanic 2.
In other DiCaprio do-gooder news, the actor’s environmental organization Earth Alliance is donating $3 million to bushfire relief in Australia. The AP reports that the foundation “will work with local Australian partner organizations including Aussie Ark, Bush Heritage, and Wires Wildlife Rescue [to] help with an “international response to the catastrophic bushfires.” DiCaprio is a co-chair of Earth Alliance, which was founded last year to combat  to fight climate change and biodiversity loss.



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