Stephen: Jack Black now says he’s not retiring from movies


It seems there’s a lot of gray area in rumors surrounding Jack Black’s retirement. ET reports that after the 50-year-old actor hinted earlier this week that his new Jumanji sequel could be his last movie, Black’s now walking back that claim. “Fake news,” he’s since said in a paparazzi video. “I’m not retiring. I’m not going anywhere. I’m only getting started.” Black previously told Balance Magazine, “I’ve been saying for a long time that this is the last movie. We’ll see. I can’t really say what my next thing is because it’s too early; it’s a jinxer. I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve. But not too many,” the famous funnyman said Tuesday. “I’m looking to wrap it up pretty soon. Ride off into the sunset.” He added, “I spend too much time away from home. Maybe I’ll do a TV show here in town, so I can work the 9 to 5 and then get back home.” Jumanji: The Next Level premieres in theaters Friday.




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