Stephen: Hallmarks will start airing ads featuring same-sex couples again

The Hallmark Channel announced Sunday that it will reinstate commercials featuring same-sex couples that it pulled following complaints from a conservative group, the AP reports. The network said the decision from parent company Crown Media was the “wrong decision,” and that the ads from wedding planning company Zola would begin airing again. Zola had submitted six ads, with four including a lesbian couple. After Hallmark pulled those ads, but not two featuring only opposite-sex couples, Zola withdrew its remaining ads.

“We are humbled by everyone who showed support not only for Zola, but for all LGBTQ couples and families who express their love on their wedding day, and every day,” said a statement Sunday. The conservative group One Million Moms had gotten the ads pulled on Saturday, and has not yet commented on the reversal. “The Crown Media team has been agonizing over this decision as we’ve seen the hurt it has unintentionally caused,” said a statement issued Sunday evening by Hallmark Cards CEO Mike Perry. “Said simply, they believe this was the wrong decision. … We are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused.”



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