Stephen: Goodwill worker finds $42,000 mistakenly donated



An Oklahoma Goodwill thrift store employee was sorting through donations when she felt an odd lump wrapped up in two sweaters. New employee Andrea Lessing assumed the lump was just a few books, until she unwrapped the sweaters and found $42,000. Lessing told CNN: “My first thought was that it was fake. We’ve seen $5 and $20 donated here and there, but never in my life had I seen that much money!”  She said she never thought about stealing the money for one second because she didn’t want to risk anything that could affect her six-year-old daughter.  Lessing’s also a firm believer in karma. Thankfully, documents on the donation let Goodwill find the rightful owner of the $42,000.  The person who mistakenly donated the cash gave Lessing $1,000 for her honesty.  She plans to use some of the money to give her daughter “an amazing birthday party”.





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