Stephen: Gifts to give party hosts instead of wine this holiday season

Wine is the go-to gift for party hosts, but Eater suggests switching things up the next time you attend a party. Try using these tips to bring your next party host something surprising and unpredictable.

  • Prioritize your host. Remember that the gift isn’t for the party, it’s for the person hosting it. Therefore, try a personal gift. A high-quality apron might be a good choice.
  • Consider home gifts. Home gifts can be used after the party. You might try sage and explain smudging to your host, for example. You can try bringing music as well. Rapper Questlove, for instance, usually brings jazz records.
  • Try non-alcoholic drinks. However, ensure they’re special or highbrow enough to be a gift.
  • Bring treats. Cookies in a decorative box can be the perfect gift.



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