Stephen: French daredevil traverses English Channel on homemade hoverboard

After a failed attempt 10 days earlier, French daredevil and inventor Franky Zapata successfully crossed the English Channel on his homemade flyboard Sunday, AFP reports. The Frenchman took off from Sangatte in northern France, and landed in St. Maraget’s Bay in Dover, Southeast England, 22 minutes later as onlookers cheered. “I’m feeling good. I’m feeling happy, I’m feeling lucky. This is just an amazing moment for me,” Zapata said. The former jet-ski champion was able to pull off a tricky re-fueling maneuver over the water, something he was unable to do during his first attempt on July 25. This time, Zapata used a bigger refueling boat with more room to land, and was able to refuel and finish his historic flight. Zapata invented the flyboard, and has been refining it for over three years before finally debuting it before the public this summer. Zapata said he is also working on a flying car that he hopes will be simple enough for anyone to pilot. “Everyone wants to fly,” he said.




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