Stephen: Elon Musk surpasses Jeff Bezos as world’s richest


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now the world’s richest person, according to Bloomberg, edging past Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Musk, who’s also the CEO of SpaceX, was boosted into first places by a rise in the value of Tesla shares, taking his net worth to about $191 billion, ahead of Bezos’ $187 billion. Bill Gates is now a distant third at $132 billion. Musk caught up to Gates for second-richest person just in late November, but Tesla shares have increased in value by 45 percent since then.

To his credit, the billionaire did solicit for charitable causes on his Twitter, which has at times gotten him in trouble, as well as the company’s stock price. Earlier this year, Musk made headlines after the birth of his son last May with Canadian musician Grimes, named X Æ A-12, and for controversial public claims and views on the COVID-19 pandemic.




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