Stephen: Do you know how your parents met?

BuzzFeed asked its readers to share interesting stories of how their parents met on Tuesday. Here are 10 of the amazing responses (and you can see the rest at the link):

  1. “My parents met when my mom and her friend were on a double date with two guys who ended up being total creepers. They ducked into a hotel to escape the guys, and the night desk manager–my dad–hid them behind the front desk.”
  2. “My dad was a popular high school athlete and my mom was a nerd, so they’d never met until one day my dad accidentally hit my mom with his car. He felt so bad that he pledged to visit her in the hospital every afternoon until she got better. They’ve been together ever since.”
  3. “My parents met when my mom won tickets to a Metallica concert, along with a limo ride to and from the arena. My dad was the limo driver.”
  4. “My parents had arranged to meet their respective dates at the exact same time and location, and they were both stood up. Thirty-seven years later, I’d say it was for the best.”
  5. “My parents both worked at an old movie theater, and my mom had just gotten out of a bad relationship. They met when her ex decided to pay her an unwelcome visit at her job and she asked my dad to pretend to be her new boyfriend so her ex would leave her alone. They’ve been together for over 40 years.”
  6. “My dad was a cop, and my mom worked at a doughnut shop. Boom.”
  7. “My parents met in their college cafeteria, when he was catapulting peas at her head from across the room because he thought she was pretty.”
  8. “My dad’s identical twin came to my mom’s job to visit her co-worker, who he was dating. After he left, my mom asked jokingly, ‘Hey, he doesn’t have a twin, does he?'”
  9. “My mom met my stepdad when they bumped into each other while out walking their dogs. She was on her usual route, but he’d never taken that path before. But for some strange reason, his dog pulled him in that direction that day…”
  10. “My mom taught a step aerobics class in college, and my dad took it one day because he thought she was cute. They met when he tried to do one of the moves and accidentally smacked another lady in the face.”



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