Stephen: Dieters, do you go all out for cheat day?

New York Knicks center Enes Kanter missed practice last Thursday after having a crazy cheat day consisting of seven burgers–three of which were triples topped with an egg. “After a long trip, I’m having my cheat day,” he shared in a video posted on Twitter. “Three triple patties with eggs and sauces. I’ve got my french fries. I’ve got… four burgers here, I’m very excited about it. Let’s do it, Bon Appetit.” According to the Knicks, Kanter missed practice because of “flu-like symptoms.” Meanwhile, David Fizdale said he didn’t believe Kanter actually ate all the food he posted about. “Enes, the guy walks around with his shirt off all day in the locker room. There’s no way he’s stuffing seven burgers down his face. I just don’t see it,” Fizdale told Page Six. “I think people sometimes take the Gram [Instagram] too seriously.”



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