Stephen: Describe your Coronavirus experience in 6 words

On Thursday, Twitter users expressed how they’d describe their coronavirus experience to date in six words. Below are some of the more relatable responses; (click on the link for many more)
  1. Rest. Wake. Eat. Clean. And repeat.
  2. All this and a pimple, too.
  3. Avoiding all unnecessary contact with humans.
  4. Sleep, eat, read, tiktok, Netflix, repeat.
  5. I have eaten all my snacks.
  6. My hermit life has not changed.
  7. Work still sucks at home too!
  8. One more reason to get fat.
  9. Working from home and tweeting galore.
  10. Every day is a bra-less day.
  11. Would not survive in prison. Help!



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