Stephen: COVID-19 ends man’s near 3000-day streak of visiting Disneyland

Die hard Disney fan Jeff Reitz has the coronavirus to blame, and also to thank, for ending his 2,995 day streak of visiting the theme park, UPI reports. The streak that lasted over eight years ended on March 13, after the park closed down because of the coronavirus. “On the negative side, I didn’t get to choose the end. But on the positive side, I didn’t have to choose the end,” Reitz told the Orange County Register. The streak was like a part-time job for Reitz, who works for the VA. “Usually I leave work and I come straight here,” he said, adding that while it’s been good for keeping him active, it’s been harder on relationships. “Some people like it,” he said. “Some people think it’s gone overboard.” Once the park re-opens, Reitz says he plans to visit again, but won’t start a new attendance streak. “The streak’s been ended,” he said, adding that he plans to to seek a Guinness World Record.




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