Stephen: Couple who met at Woodstock find photo of themselves 50 years later

After 50 years of telling their family and friends that they met at Woodstock, Judy and Jerry Griffin finally have proof of their unlikely meet-cute: a photo that was taken during their first hours together on August 15, 1969. In a new interview with People, 71-year-old Judy reveals that she was on her way to the festival when her car broke down on New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge, roughly 90 miles from the concert grounds. “I was just thinking, ‘Damn, now we can’t go,’ and we were dying to,” she recalls. “Then Jerry and his friends pulled up…I’d never hitchhiked before, but I figured, ‘Well, since there was a woman, it was fairly safe, and I probably should just get in the car.’”

While that fateful meeting led to 50 years of love and marriage, including two sons and five grandchildren, they had never seen a photo of themselves on that day until they watched the new PBS documentary Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation. The film features a brief bit of footage of a rain-soaked Judy and Jerry huddled together under a blanket. “We’d known each other less than 48 hours when that was taken,” Jerry notes. Adds Judy, “By the time we got out of the car and set up camp, we were into each other, and we basically were together from that point on.” The couple married in December 1975, but always celebrate on August 15–which is also Judy’s birthday.




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