Stephen: Couple leaves $2000 tip on 20th anniversary of first date


A couple who were dining at the same Chicago restaurant where they had their first date twenty years ago decided to celebrate with the staff. When bartender and server Eddie Cruz closed out the now married couples tab at Club Lucky, he found a note on the receipt that read “Thank you for 20 years of good memories, excellent food & outstanding service” and a $2,000 tip! The generous couple, who want to remain anonymous, had one request; that the tip be shared with Club Lucky’s entire staff. Club Lucky’s owner said the couple has come into the restaurant every February 12th for the last twenty years and sat at the same booth each time. The owner said “That booth is their booth: Feb 12 at 7:30 p.m. — booth 46. As long as Club Lucky is here, that table will be there for them.”




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