Stephen: Couple eating cat food thought it was pâté

Published on May 26th, 2021 @ 5:34 PM


Sometimes you can only laugh. A woman named Angela Holloway says she’s been doing the grocery shopping for her mom and step-dad during the pandemic, and that she usually separates the pet food from the rest of the groceries. But Holloway recently got confused when her mom told her they had eaten “a really lovely dinner of absolutely gorgeous pâté and baked bread.” It turns out the couple, originally from the U.K., are currently living in France, and no one had noticed they were actually eating cat food on baked bread. They had apparently struggled with the French labeling on the packaging, and overlooked the photo of the cat on the can. Holloway says she burst into laughter when they showed her the empty can of cat food. Luckily, nobody got sick from consuming the pet food.




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