Stephen: Coronavirus, US Election, Tom Hanks top Google searches in Canada and abroad


2020 has truly been a year for the record books. It’s not likely that anyone will forget the craziness of this year anytime soon. And with the majority of the world stuck inside all year, Google saw lots of traffic, with an estimated 70% of searches made on the website in 2020. What were people searching for?

Coronavirus, election results, and Kobe Bryant were the top search terms around the world this year, while Tom Hanks was the top-searched actor, having made headlines as one of the first big-name celebrities to contract COVID-19. Multi-time Oscar winner Parasite was the top searched for movie, Tiger King was predictably the top searched TV show, and viral sensation Among Us was the top searched for game. Surprisingly, outgoing US President Donald Trump did not crack the list of top 10 searched people. That list included President-elect Joe Biden, North Korean dictator and Trump buddy Kim Jong-Un, British PM Boris Johnson, incoming US VP Kamala Harris, and again Tom Hanks in its top 5.

In Canada, the US Election ironically was our most searched for topic. CERB, Air Canada stock, and the Nova Scotia shootings were among the top searched news stories of 2020. Canadians also asked a lot of questions this year, apparently, with the top searches for questions starting with why, what, and how to listed below…




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