Stephen: Coffee affects age groups differently at different times of day

Published on May 25th, 2021 @ 7:19 PM


Coffee can give you a litte energy boost, but is it better to have it in the morning or afternoon if you’re drinking it at work? Studies say your age could play a role in the answer—one study found college students who had coffee before their morning exams showed improved performances, while those given coffee before an afternoon exam did not have improvement. But, another study found that among people ages 65 and up, having a cup of coffee in the afternoon before a test helped them do well on the test.

The experts warn though, that it also depends on your biology. Someone with average tolerance to caffeine will generally feel more alert and focused for the next one to six hours after having a cup of coffee, so you can be strategic about when you drink it. Ultimately, scientists say everyone is different, and each body has its own biological clock, meaning there’s no conclusive evidence that points to whether a morning coffee or afternoon coffee is best for all professionals.




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