Stephen: Check out these tips for being a good desk neighbour

People often spend as much time in the office as they do at home, so it’s easy for them to get a little too comfortable. Here are five things to keep in mind in order to be a good neighbor to your colleagues, courtesy of Lifehacker:
  1. Organize your space. Clutter is distracting and keeps us from focusing on our work: even if you’re not consciously aware of it, your eyes–and your co-worker’s eyes–take in every object in your visual field and your brain has to process it all.
  2. Don’t distract your office mates. We’ve all experienced the chatty colleague who seems especially interested in detailing the intimate, personal details of their life. But there’s a time and a place for it, and often, that time is not during busy work hours.
  3. Limit your volume and smells. Take any conversations you have to a meeting or break room instead. And this goes for curious smells, too. What you bring for lunch is your business, but an intense smell in an intimate space is a communal problem.
  4. If you’re sick, leave your desk. If you’re absolutely unwilling to take a sick day because of piling work, don’t subject your colleagues to your cold or flu. Take cough medicine whenever possible and work from anywhere else in the office, if that’s an option.
  5. Communicate. When all else fails, just communicate with your colleagues before any problems arise. Ask them if your music is too loud or if your desk is a distraction. Will your colleagues be honest? Maybe, maybe not. But asking them can’t hurt and they’ll be grateful that you asked at all.



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