Stephen: Brits say Netflix, Coca Cola best things to come from America


It seems America is good for some things according to outsiders. A survey of 2,000 Brits finds the top ten things they say have come out of the U.S. are: 1) Netflix, 2) Disney, 3) Coca Cola, 4) McDonald’s, 5) Apple, 6) KFC, 7) Barack Obama, 8) Hollywood movies, 9) Elvis Presley, and 10) NASA. Other things that took random spots on the list of 60 things: “their wildlife—eagles, bears etc.” (30), Rosa Parks (37), Fender guitars (41), Oreos (44) and “Friendly store staff telling you to ‘have a nice day’” (53.)

On the flip side, things they say are the top 5 worst things to come out of America: 1) Donald Trump, 2) obsession with guns, 3) the Kardashians, 4) Racial inequality, 5) “their politics in general.” They also hate that we “call football soccer” (8), Facebook (11), pumpkin pie (15), and “the accent” (20.)




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