Stephen: Borat sequel ready to roll


A sequel to Borat? Very niiice!! The movie blog Collider reports that Sacha Baron Cohen has secretly shot a followup to his hit 2006 mockumentary and is already screening the film for industry insiders. Some say that the new flick’s plot involves Borat going undercover to interview unsuspecting Americans since he’s now such a renowned pop culture figure; as one source describes it, it’s “Cohen playing Borat playing Cohen.” It’s unclear who directed or produced the project (the original was helmed by famous Seinfeld scribe Larry David) or when it might debut in theaters or on streaming. This past summer, Cohen was caught going undercover for the sake of comedy on at least two occasions. In June, he popped up at a right-wing rally in Washington state, where he led the crowd in singing a racist song, and in July, he almost got away with pranking Rudy Giuliani into doing a sitdown interview.




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