Stephen: Bill Gates’ 24 year reign at the top of the Forbes 400 list is over

Bill Gates’ 24-year winning streak at #1 atop the Forbes 400 has come to an end. The financial magazine revealed its annual richest-people rankings on Wednesday, and for the first time ever, the list is topped by Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder’s fortune increased by a whopping $78.5 billion since last year. Here is the list’s top 10 (check the bottom link for more):

-Jeff Bezos, $160 billion
-Bill Gates, $97 billion
-Warren Buffett, $88.3 billion
-Mark Zuckerberg, $61 billion
-Larry Ellison, $58.4 billion
-Larry Page, $53.8 billion
-(tie) Charles and David Koch, $53.5 billion each
-Sergey Brin, $52.4 billion
-Michael Bloomberg, $51.8 billion



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