Stephen: 96-year-old Pennsylvania woman bowls perfect game

Published on September 25th, 2020 @ 5:34 PM


Roll with it! A 96-year-old Pennsylvania woman became the first person at her bowling alley, Kennedy Lanes in McKees Rocks, to roll a “no tap” perfect game. Translation: Sara Lyons bowled a 300, and knocked down nine pins or more during each frame. “I had all strikes in a row. Not an open frame at all,” she told KDKA-TV. Lyons, who’s turning 97 in November, has been bowling since she was 27–and this is her first 300 game. “That’s hard,” she said. “It’s hard for a woman to do that, especially seniors.” As for her secret? She credits family with keeping her going. “It’s how I feel inside. I just have to keep going” Lyons said. “I won’t give up. I won’t give up no matter how old I am.”




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