Stephen: 9 y/o child genius set to graduate university, go for PhD

Laurent Simons, a 9-year-old from Belgium, is on track to graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering this December, CNN reports. The prodigy is described by Eindhoven University of Technology staff as “simply extraordinary,” and plans to pursue a Ph. D in engineering as well as studying medicine when he has his degree in hand. The boy’s parents, Lydia and Alexander Simons, said his grandparents noticed something special about him at a young age, and teacher’s soon agreed. “They told us he is like a sponge,” his dad said. An official from the university told the outlet, “Laurent is the fastest student we have ever had here,” he said. “Not only is he hyper intelligent but also a very sympathetic boy.” Laurent’s prowess has not gone unnoticed: his parents say he’s already being recruited by prestigious universities from around the world.



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