Stephen: 7 ways to keep your poppy on

What do an eraser, earring back, and duct tape have in common? They’re all great ways to make sure you don’t lose your poppy! Remembrance Day is right around the corner and everyone should be expressing their support with a poppy on their jacket, hat, bookbag, etc. But they can be quite elusive. How many times have you bought a poppy from a member of the Legion or other volunteer, only to lose it less than 24 hrs later?

The National Post has come up with a list of great ways to make sure you don’t lose yours:

1. THE ERASER: This has been my tried and true method to keeping my poppy on ever since I was a kid. Either tear or cut off a bit of an eraser, push the pin through your coat then add the eraser bit to the end, and voila.

2. DUCT TAPE: There are two ways you could try using tape. The first is to push your poppy through your coat and tape the pin down, covering the entire needle. The second is to push the pin through, then wrap tape around the needle, preventing it from falling out.

3. SAFETY PIN: Here you just pull the pin out entirely and replace it with a safety pin, like so. Be careful not to prick your fingers.

4. LAPEL PIN: The fourth way to keep your poppy on is probably the most patriotic, and in my opinion, creative. Remove the needle and push through a  Canadian flag pin. Then take the back and clasp it down, securing the poppy in place.

5. BEND THE PIN: First push the pin through your jacket. Then using a pair of pliers, carefully bend the needle so that it won’t easily slip out.

6. WEAVE THE PIN: The sixth tip to try is weaving it through your coat material, like so.

7. BUY A BUNCH: Just buy a bunch of poppies and replace one if you lose it. At least you’ll be giving to a good cause.



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