Shannell: Aaron Carter says he’s moving to Atlantic Canada

Troubled pop star Aaron Carter says he’s moving to Canada.

The younger brother of of Baskstreet Boy Nick Carter, said in a tweet that he was on his way to “see his new home” while claiming that Nova Scotia is one of his “FAVORITE PLACES IN THE WORLD!”

“I hope Canada welcomes me and doesn’t treat me the way people do in America it’s really foul I had to get out and I moved quick. Pun intended,” he continued.

Carter would also take to Instagram to express his love for the Great White North. “All I’ve ever dreamt about was making great music, living a healthy lifestyle, having a family. And living in the mountains! Well Now I can say that dream is actually all coming to life! My New Home #Canada #AARONCARTERFLEESTOCANADA.”

Aaron Carter recently made headlines after Nick Carter announced on Facebook that he and his wife had obtained a restraining order against his younger brother, citing Aaron’s “increasingly alarming behaviour” and confessions of thoughts and intentions of killing his pregnant wife and unborn child. Aaron, who has claimed in the past that he suffers from schizophrenia, has denied all of his brother’s allegations.



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