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Jan 19, 2017

E.A. Butler All Grade ( McKay’s )
Delayed opening for 2 hours, further announcement at 9:00 a.m.
Delayed opening due to power outages.

Bus Routes Affected by Contract Termination
Brother Rice Junior High – 16-052-1A
Cape St. Francis Elementary – All routes
Gonzaga High School – 16-068-1B, 16-068-2B, 16-068-3, 16-068-4, 16-068-5, 16-068-6, 16-068-7B, 16-068-8B (8 routes)
Holy Trinity Elementary – All routes
Holy Trinity High School – All routes
Macdonald Drive Elementary – All routes
Macdonald Drive Junior High – 16-069-1A, 16-069-2A, 16-069-3A, 16-069-4A, 16-069-5A, 16-069-6A (6 routes)
Newtown Elementary – 16-066-3, 16-066-4, 16-066-5 (3 routes)
O’Donel High School – 16-066-1A
Rennies River Elementary – All routes
St. Francis of Assisi – All routes
St. John Bosco – All routes
St. Peter’s Primary – 15-066-1B and 16-066-2 (2 routes)
St. Teresa’s School – 16-052-1B and 16-052-2 (2 routes)

Alternate Contracts
Beachy Cove Elementary
Bishop Abraham Elementary
Bishop Feild Elementary
Brother Rice Junior High
Goulds Elementary
Holy Family Elementary
Holy Heart High School
Leary’s Brook Junior High
Macdonald Drive Junior High
Newtown Elementary
O’Donel High School
Rennies River Elementary
Roncalli Elementary
St. Andrew’s Elementary
St. Peter’s Primary
St. Teresa’s School

CNA Ridge Road – All classes with Yvonne Lannon are cancelled for today.

CNA Clarenville – All classes with Hilary Primmer are cancelled for today.

CNA Burin – All classes with Kayla Walters are cancelled for today.

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