Robert: Woman who lived through 2 global pandemics celebrates 111th birthday

Published on January 13th, 2022 @ 12:00 PM


Manitoba’s oldest living person just celebrated a milestone: her Eleventy first birthday. 

“She’s amazing, she’s doing really well for 111,” said Raunora Westcott, Mime’s granddaughter. “One thing we’re really lucky to have is such a sharp memory from her. She really can tell some great stories from every decade of the past century.”

Jemina (Mime) Westcott was born on January 10, 1911. Even more remarkable than her longevity is the fact Mime can say she lived through two global pandemics.  Mime recounts having to mask and social distance in public as a child during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, when the world attempted to cope with what would become known the “Spanish Flu”.

Today, the long term care home where Mime lives is one of the few on the province that has not been hit hard by the latest wave of COVID-19. Raunora credits the safety procedures and the compliance of staff for the home’s success in fending off COVID.

When asked what advice Mime has for a long, happy life, Raunora says, “Be content with what you have and to hold your relationships, your family and friends, those relationships closely and really care for others around you.”




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