Robert: Woman rescues injured dog, turns out to be coyote

Published on April 1st, 2022 @ 12:00 PM


A woman in Mexico was surprised when she learned the homeless dog she rescued was actually a wild coyote.

Andrea Athie says she was driving when she noticed the car in front of her hit an animal and drove off. Without hesitation, Andrea loaded the animal into her car and drove to a local vet. There she learned the pooch she had be driving around with was a stray dog, but rather a coyote.

“Seeing the situation, I stopped and went to help him, without knowing that it was a coyote,” Andrea comments. “He was never aggressive. He let himself be caressed but we all know that it is a wild animal and he couldn’t live with us.”

The coyote, named Pancho, was examined and it was discovered hw sustained two injuries to his cervicals, leaving him unable to move his hind legs or empty his bowels. Attempts to treat his injuries were unsuccessful.

“Every procedure that was performed on Pancho was through a veterinarian and professionally done,” said Andrea. “Everything was done humanly possible. In that last moment, I looked at him and wanted him to have the best possible quality of life and not suffer.”

Andrea mentions she is walking away from this ordeal with a new outlook on life.

“Right now this is what we need as people – to help each other, to do the well without looking at who.”




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