Robert: Woman requires dentist to remove costume teeth

Sometimes authenticity in your Hallowe’en costume is not worth it.

A woman in Alabama dressed as a zombie was forced to seek emergency dental work after the fake teeth she wore became stuck in her mouth. Anna Tew says she paid $3.00 for a set of fake fangs to complete her costume but she couldn’t remove them once she was ready to stop playing dress-up.

“I was trying to remove them because they were just tight,” she said. “I even took a pair of wire clippers and cut the tips off.”

From there, Tew went to the dentisit. “He talked about drilling. They had a saw, talked about taking (them) off in sections, and they couldn’t numb it because they were scared they would actually pull my teeth out.”

Luckily for Tew, the dentist was able to remove the fake fangs after only a bit of poking around.



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