Robert: Woman finds bees living under her eyelids, surviving on her tears

Give it 5 years and there will be some sort of sci-fi/horror movie based on this story.

Doctors in Taiwan were shocked after treating a woman for a swollen eye and discovering four tiny bees living underneath her eyelid.

The woman guesses the bees blew into her eye while out with family. After experiencing constant eye pain, she went to Taiwan’s Fooyin University Hospital where doctors discovered little, tiny legs from under her eyelid. She was then diagnosed with a bacterial infection and severe corneal erosion.

The insects are known as sweat bees, and grow to be about 3-4 mm in length. They normally nest near fallen trees and grave sites, feeding off of nectar and pollen. Entomologists say that the bees can be drawn to the moisture and salty taste of human perspiration.

The woman is expected to make a full recovery.



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