Robert: Woman discovered alive at funeral home


A woman who was declared dead was discovered to be very much not dead at while at the funeral home.

The Southfield fire department says a medical crew was summoned to a home on Sunday where a 20-year-old woman was unresponsive. Paramedics attempted to revive her, but were unsuccessful.

Eventually the woman was pronounced dead by a doctor “based upon medical information provided” from the scene.

According to the fire department, the body was released to the family without an autopsy and she was transported to a nearby funeral home. That’s when she was found to be breathing and her eyes open.

“Our staff confirmed she was breathing” and called a emergency medical crew, the funeral home said. “They were about to embalm her, which is most frightening, had she not had her eyes open. … The funeral home unzipping the body bag and seeing her alive with her eyes open.”

Southfield is conducting an internal investigation but insisted that the fire and police departments followed procedures.




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