Robert: Walmart to introduce robots to serve customers

Walmart stores in the US are planning on taking a further step into the 21st century by testing out robotic “employees” at some of its stores.

“Smart assistants have huge potential to make busy stores run more smoothly,” the big box store chain said in a news release.

The move is being described as a way to give employees “more of an opportunity to do what they’re uniquely qualified for,” by having the machines handle the more menial tasks. This way employees will have more time to focus on serving customers face to face.

The fleet of Walmart robots (which I think should be called Wall-E’s) will be responsible for cleaning floors, act as price checkers for curious customers, scan and sort products, and facilitate the pick up of online orders.

The concept of introducing new ways to serve customers via technology isn’t unique to Walmart. Home Dept offers customers a map to the exact item they are looking for through the store’s app. And online retail giant Amazon has robots operating in its warehouses throughout the United States.



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