Robert: Turns our Adele and Beyonce DID NOT record a song together after all

What. A. Tease.

Turns out Adele and Beyonce have not recorded a song together after all, according to the man that started the rumour to begin with.

During a recent interview, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder noted that the pop music behemoths partnered with the group for a song on their upcoming album. However, he is no back tracking on his remarks.

“Three of my favorite things: absurdity, kidding, joke,” Tedder says on Instagram. “Journalist: ‘any cool collaborations on the next @onerepublic album?’ Me utilizing ‘sarcasm,’ ‘kidding,’ and a ‘joke’ simultaneously: ‘Ya, we have one song featuring Beyonce, Adele and Chris Martin, but I don’t want to talk about it or give too much away.'”

Tedder would then continue adding to our disappointment by adding, “All that said wouldn’t that be a [fire] collab? I’d stream it.”

We would too, Ryan. We would too.



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