Robert: There’s a “sexy vaccine” Hallowe’en costume because.. of course there is

Published on October 18th, 2021 @ 12:00 PM


Who comes up with these ideas?

Lingerie and costumes retailer 3Wishes has released what they’re calling the “Sexy Vaccine Costume”. 

“We obviously take the pandemic very seriously but with everything being so divisive, we feel adding in a little humor can lighten the mood,” says says 3Wishes CMO and co-founder Sarah Chamberlain. “The pandemic itself is a very serious and heartbreaking situation and we don’t want to insinuate that it isn’t. People feel very strongly about the vaccine and we thought that this may be a more lighthearted way for party-goers to pay homage to what we’ve all been dealing with for the last year and a half.”

The costumes is pretty simple; a tight, nude coloured dress with a syringe attached to a headband.

“We wanted to make the costume as simple and wearable as possible. We ended up with the nude dress because it could be interpreted as an arm with the vaccine going into it. It’s a little obscure but instantly recognizable.”

If you’re looking to dress up as a COVID-19 vaccine for Hallowe’en, 3Wishes costume will run you $55.95 USD.




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